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 Wedding Story Photo
In the summer of 1940 “ice cream pants” were the ultimate fashion statement for the groom. This is my father, flanked by his two youngest brothers. Forty years later, his wife still talked, with approbation, about his sartorial splendour. Read some related stories .

Family stories are not just about the past - sometimes they are about what’s happening right now: a baptism, a wedding, an anniversary, a bar or bat mitzvah, a retirement, a birthday, an engagement, or a birth.

These occasions naturally lead to family stories of time past. They reflect how things change, how they remain the same.

We no longer live in small, self-contained communities - or counties - or countries. Many of us can boast of quite an eclectic mixture of races, creeds and colours, whether in the nuclear or the extended family.

Consider the richness and depth of the memories you create each year, and preserve them for the future.