Chronological Examples

(Please note: as all material dictated or provided to YFS is confidential, these examples are fictional and exist only in the imagination of the writer. They do not relate to any person, living or dead.)


This version relates the information which appears above, but in chronological order. The names of the participants are removed in order to allow the conversation to flow more smoothly, but in this case it's clear that there has been a dialogue.


Circa 1949 - young child

Remember the time Sammy climbed the tree and gave his grandfather a heart attack? The grandfather called the mother. She didn't appear to be too worried. She told the grandfather that boys climbed trees. However, when she saw her son swaying back and forth as the tree responded to the wind's whims, she did encourage him to come down.

Well obviously he made it, as he'll soon be 65!


Circa 1962 - young adult

What about the time that he climbed on the roof and tried to put out the chimney fire?

Well, he had called the fire department first, but it was still a pretty gutsy thing to do. He was just lucky that the garden hose reached that far. Did they replace the roof?

I don't think they had to replace the whole thing, but some repairs were definitely required.


Circa 1975

Do you remember the time that his mother attacked him with the tea towel because she thought he had made her little granddaughter cry? That was hilarious. He and his friend were watching TV in the living room, and his mother was doing the lunch dishes. His little niece, Maribeth, was just learning to pull herself up on things. She pulled herself up on the footstool, lost her grip, and plop - found herself on the floor with a very badly injured dignity. She raised her voice and let the world know that it was not treating her well.

Now, remember that his mother couldn't see what was going on. She rushed into the living room to make sure the baby was all right, and demanded to know what had happened. That was when the so-called friend said, "He hit the baby."

The dishtowel began to whirl and smack Sammy on the head, arm, or whatever else was in its path. Both he and his friend were laughing so hard that they didn't have any breath left to tell the truth.

Was the baby howling through all this?

Absolutely not - she was enjoying the show and had, in fact, pulled herself up on the footstool again in order not to miss any of the action.


Circa 1980

Once his sister let him use the car when she was away on a trip, and he decided that he and his brother should visit a relative's cottage.

But that really relates to the other brother. I'll never forget his mother's face when they told her that they had had a flat tire, and Freddy held up the car so that Sammy could change the tire.