Marilyn's Stories

Phone Call at the Cottage

 Cottage StoriesA telephone, disconnected, had just been discovered by the three-year-old. Her grandparents and great aunt were in the room directly opposite the fascinating new toy. Grandma and Auntie Thelma occupied the couch, while grandpa tried to fix the rotisserie on the BBQ.

Before making her call, Louise realised that some preparations were required. She tiptoed into the front porch and stood beside her daddy's chair, where he was reading the newspaper. "Daddy, you have to be quiet now, I'm going to phone." Then she stood beside her mother, who was immersed in the intricacies of a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle. "Mommy, you have to be quiet, now, I'm going to phone." A kiss and promise of cooperation sent her back.

The same warning was issued to the living room group. Louise picked up the phone and, just as her hand started to rotate the dial, there was a terrific rattle-rattle-rattle from the BBQ. Carefully replacing the receiver, she walked over to her grandfather.

"Grandpa." No answer.

"Grandpa." Louder voice. Grandpa lifted his head.

Using her mother's best if-you-don't-listen-you're-in-trouble voice, she delivered her message.

"Grandpa, I'm phoning now."

Parents, grandmother and great-aunt hid their faces in pillows in order to stifle their guffaws. Grandpa raised his head, all uncomprehending. Suddenly, the penny dropped.

"OK, Louise, you phone and I'll fix the BBQ later."



One Picture Tells Many Stories

Wedding PhotoThis picture, originally inserted because of the “ice cream pants”, holds other stories.

The two young men flanking the groom (one of their older brothers) had occasion to travel to Niagara Falls to show their wives the wonder of “thundering waters”. While there (during the 1950s), there were standing on the bank of the Niagara River. Suddenly they noticed a woman being swept toward the Falls, screaming and shouting to be rescued.

One of these gentlemen held onto a tree and extended his arms as far as possible. The other brother grasped his hand and was able to reach the woman as she was floating by. They pulled her ashore to safety.

Another story about the young man on the left. He, his brother on the right of the groom, and an older brother all enlisted in the Air Force. Our hero and the older brother were stationed in Thirsk, Yorkshire, England.

One day, while on leave, they were in a London park when the air raid sirens went off. They began to run to the nearest underground station. As they pelted their way across the park, they caught up to a woman pushing a baby carriage. Without breaking stride, one of them grabbed the woman in his arms; the other pushed the carriage. They were safe when the bombs fell.