Family Stories!

Grandparents sharing their stories.Let's record your family stories and traditions so you can preserve them forever!

Marilyn records your family stories on a laptop to reflect what is being said by the storyteller. It may be question and answer or open-ended queries which will elicit stories - and one story always leads to another.

These precious memories mirror the life of a family. Funny, sad or poignant - they run the gamut of human emotions.

Recording your memories provides a sense of continuity. Grandma and Grandpa were young once. This is an opportunity to learn of their youth, marriage, careers, retirement and life experiences in a whole new way.

Individuals, intergenerational family groups, children, spouses, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents - all are fodder for those wonderful tales of yesterday - or yesteryear.

Gathered around the kitchen table, sitting in the living room, drinks on the deck - you choose the venue and Marilyn will be there to record your family stories.